Hypnotic Semaglutide | How Hypnosis Can Conquer Weight Reduction and Build Body Confidence

Apr 06, 2023

If you are reading this the chances are that you have already read everything there is to know about the new weight loss wonder drug semaglutide, known in the UK as Wegovy. The drug which has led in trials to an average weight loss of 15% of body weight. 

As someone who has been a yo-yo dieter for nearly half a century and always believes the next diet will be "the one" the advent of this so called wonder drug had a profound effect upon me. After I stopped dancing around the room I wanted to know HOW I can get it, WHERE I can get it and WHEN I can get it. 

Then I found out that there isn't anywhere near enough of it for the likes of me, that I can't get it on the NHS and the list of side effects sound dreadful and go on and on. I discovered a singing pal of mine had been in the trials and was  now taking the drug and sure enough was suffering from the most common side effects...which don't sound pleasant. 

Why am I telling you this? Because it was at this point that I had a Eureka moment. Reading what the drug actually does (it's an appetite suppressant mainly) I realised that suggesting to the brain that the stomach is full in hypnosis is a fairly straightforward feat. WE CAN DO THE SAME THING WITH HYPNOSIS. We use suggestions like this all the time in hypnosis to change the way the mind/body connection works. If you want to try this go to my page where you can find a simple hypnotherapy exercise which shows how the mind/body effect works. 

I began to explore further how we could (in the same way that the hypnotic gastric band works)  create a hypnotic semaglutide. A course where we imagine we have injected ourselves with the actual drug and suggest to the brain that this has happened and mimic the effects of the actual drug, without those pesky side effects. 

And so the course was born. We decided to try six weeks of weekly "shots". In hypnosis we go through a process of imaginatively administering the shot and then noticing the affects spreading throughout the body allowing you to feel full very quickly at every meal for a week. The actual drug can currently only be used for two years after which many trial participants have regained the weight lost, with the hypnotic version we can carry on indefinitely!

However, this was not enough for me. I wanted to link this weekly shot with other life enhancing hypnotherapy exercises and so we have additional exercises to help with the emotional impact of food, exercises to lower blood pressure, increase motivation to exercise, to boost the immune system, to understand what a healthy lifestyle is for you and learn to reconnect and love your body. As the programme is currently in beta mode we are adding what the pioneers need every week. This week we added hypnosis for cravings and changing thoughts around "wasting" food. 

I don't know exactly what the programme will look like the next time we run it (at the beginning of May) as it's evolving, but early indications are great. The pioneers are losing weight and tackling long held beliefs head on. Having a small group (no more than 10) means we can build trust and accountability with each other and celebrate each others' successes. 

I have created a Facebook group to provide weekly inspiration and give more in depth details and if this resonates with you and you'd like to know more and cheer us on as we go, please do come and join us! If you'd like more details or want to join the next cohort of pioneers then please email me [email protected] and we can discuss if you are the right fit and get some details over to you. 

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