The Real Me MindTraining Courses Lose Weight Without Dieting

Are You Fed Up with Dieting?

Are you a life-long yo-yo dieter who just wants to stop?

Imagine being able to feel at ease around food and not have it control you?

Imagine being able to enjoy food, eat the foods you like, until you are full and feel comfortable in your own skin. 

I'm Julie Bale  and in 2023 I lost 31lbs (and counting) using the course I created called The Real Me

This is the course that will help you give up dieting for good AND feel comfortable in your own skin. 

It has worked for me and many others and now I want to share it with you.

It is NOT a diet but rather as diets work with changing what you eat this course changes how you think using simple hypnotherapy exercises which help to change your habits and behaviour around your eating and body forever. 

Not only did I lose 31lbs in 2023 but more importantly I learned how to have a great relationship with food .


The Real Me | MindTraining® Courses  You can: 

  • Learn how to eat foods you like, eat until you are full and lose weight

  • Retrain your mind to naturally choose nourishing foods 

  • Never feel hungry

  • Control your appetite

  • Feel comfortable in your own skin

By using a number of MindTraining exercises along with the hypnotic weight loss appetite suppressant hypnotic semaglutide ®  we learn to instruct the mind to suppress appetite, feel fuller for longer, eat less and thereby lose weight. 

So you can:

  • Feel comfortable and relaxed around food

  • Wear the clothes you packed away fearing you'd never wear again

  • Be able to go to social occasions and on holiday knowing you will eat exactly what you need and no more

  • Feel confident and assured in your body

  • Just enjoy food again

Often people feel a little apprehensive at the thought of using hypnosis. Let me put your mind at ease.  Anyone can use this programme as long as you are committed to change - scroll down to find a free guide available to download which will give you information about the course and has a taster video to show you how hypnotherapy is simple and effective and can help you! 

Here are the stages that will see you transform your life:

1. Reconnect with Your Natural Hunger Levels: If you’ve ever dieted you’ve learned to ignore the important signals sent to you from your body and override them. We undo this and reconnect to say hello to the mind/body connection. We discover HOW to eat.

2.Implement Personalised Nutrition: Having listened to other peoples’ rules to what you can/can’t eat has stopped you from feeding your body its individual and unique needs. We learn to listen and learn WHAT to eat.

3. What’s Stopping You? Get ready to purge yourself of the negative thoughts and learned behaviours you have accepted as truths. We look at Diet Bunkum and pull apart the diet culture that has taken us away from our most important indicator for health, our own body  and empower your thoughts. You’ll understand WHY you eat and learn tools to implement change.

4. Embrace The Real You: Like a Sculptor you use your imagination to create and then embody and journey forwards as The Real You .


Get the FREE PDF Guide and Video Taster Here

The Reset Roadmap Session

New for April 2024

Are you unhappy with your weight or how you look?

Do you feel that you’re constantly on a diet and hate it?

Are you fed up with not being able to fit into your clothes?

Are you curious about how hypnotherapy could help you lose weight? 

Are you curious about how you can retrain your mind to eat less and be in control around food? 

Do you want to know more? 

Are you ready to set a plan into action in just one hour? 

Then the Reset Roadmap one hour discovery session is for you. 

You will:

  • Create a bespoke plan to get you started on your hypnotherapy for weight loss journey
  • Discover the many ways that hypnotherapy can help you
  • Experience a personalised introductory hypnotherapy session created just for your needs

You will be working one to one with me for one hour. Spaces are limited but I am delighted to be able to open up this option for you in April. 

Please note my working hours are Monday-Friday 10am-4pm only


 From Frustrated to Free | The 4 Week Introductory Self-Paced Course

There are two main ways you can join the programme. This is  the one for those of you who want to delve into the course in your own time and at your own pace. The course will be taught live online in June 2024. More details coming soon. 

The 4 session weight reset and body confidence course.  

 You'll get:

  • 4 online self-paced weekly Training sessions 
  •  Self-paced course with support

  •  Body confidence MindTraining  exercises

  •   Access to a library of the exercises and audio tracks for the duration of the course

     This course is due to be led live online next in June 2024. If you would prefer to join the live online course please email for more details. Dates and Prices will be confirmed soon. 

  • From Nearly There to Really There | 10 Week Online Group Course

  • What if you  took 10 weeks to really invest in yourself and your health? Imagine yourself in 3 months time.If you:
  • Want to lose at least a stone Want to drop at least one dress size 
  • So you can:
  • Fit into smaller clothes
  • Feel in control of your weight and your life
  • Feel good about yourself
  • Feel an amazing sense of achievement
  • Get some amazing health results
  • This Course will give you:
  • Daily accountability for the next 10 weeks
  • The support of a fiercely dedicated group of like minded people
  • A step by step plan - built together to take you to the real you
  • As always there are NO guarantees as the programme will be what you make of it and results are dependent on what you put into it.
  • This is a supercharged version of the 4 week plan where you will be kept accountable for 10 weeks. We meet live online once a week Wednesdays at 2pm
  • Private Facebook community for this course only. You will be kept as accountable as anyone who is live online.
  • Only 10 Places as I want to support you fully throughout this process and guide you to your final goal and I do that best with a very small group.Your transformation will include:
  • 10 Weekly live online group sessions (can be watched on catch up)
  •  Weekly goal setting and reviewing
  •  Daily accountability
  •  A library of resources created just for this course
  •  Modules include:
  • Nailing Nutrition
  •  Planning your Fitness
  •  Mindful Motivation
  •  Sorting Stress
  •  Sensory Eating
  •  Habit Change
  •  Emotional Eating
  •  Self-esteem and body image
  • All WITHOUT Dieting and by creating change and empowerment with hypnotherapy and training our minds.
  • The March-May Course is now in session but there is a waiting list for the September course.
  • Please email [email protected] to reserve your place. Details to be confirmed. 

Embrace The Real You | One to One VIP  10 Week Course

The most intense and powerful way to experience your journey to the Real You. Work exclusively with me online in private bespoke one to one sessions.

  • One to one weekly Training sessions (following the group course syllabus but one to one)

  • Lifetime access to all the course audio/video recordings and materials

  • Includes a 3 month membership of The Real Me Community (after completion)
  • Give yourself the gift of the ultimate journey to The Real You
  • Cost £995

The Real Me MindTraining ® course is not for everyone. It is not for you...

  • If you want a magic fix

  • If you don't believe hypnotherapy can work for you

  • If you don't want to make changes to your lifestyle

  • If you don't want to commit to giving a few minutes of time each day to embed the exercises and weekly tasks

  • Also this course is contra-indicated for anyone who has ever had an eating disorder or who has had any severe mental health issues. Please feel free to email me [email protected]

     or speak to your health-care professional if you are in any doubt. 

What Participants are saying...

“I've lost 15lbs in 6 weeks and I feel so relaxed for the first time ever around food now!!”


“I feel like I'm learning how to eat properly  for the first time in my life”


"My cholesterol level fell by 1.3 in only 3 weeks and my resting heart rate fell by 13 points”