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Performance Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Voice Teacher, Soprano & Choral Conductor

BA(Hons), PGCE, ARCM, Dip.Hyp | HPD | MNCH(Reg.)| MUKHC


Guiding singers through the struggles and stresses of a singer's life, so you can create powerful performances and reach your true potential with hypnotherapy


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Julie Bale singing Libera Me from Verdi's Requiem

For Me, Your Development is Personal!

 As a professional classical singer struggling with performance nerves, self-doubt and low self-esteem for years I found that hypnotherapy had so many of the solutions I needed and I implemented them into my own singing and conducting. What started as a quest to conquer my own insecurities and anxieties has turned into a system that is now helping more and more singers to step into who they really are and confidently show up in their lives and performances like never before. Hypnotherapy for Singers was created to show singers that they do not have to live with crippling performance anxiety, imposter syndrome, self-doubt, fear of judgement or criticism and all the other anxieties that have become an accepted part of a musician's existence. It IS possible to perform consistently in a state of calm, joy and freedom. It is possible to feel fully in your power in every performance and in Hypnotherapy for Singers I have developed and curated a series of tools and techniques that will allow you to sing as you want to, whenever you want to. 


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What is Hypnotherapy? Will I be able to do it?

Too many people shy away from hypnotherapy as they believe it is a kind of mind control... and it is.. but it's YOU controlling your own mind to create better outcomes for yourself. You cannot be forced to do anything against your will - and it's good to remember that the stage hypnotists you have seen on TV are trying to entertain you. In the therapeutic situation it's much more down to earth!

Hypnosis is really just a focussed state of absorption, you will be consciously aware of everything that goes on during the session. It is a collaboration between me and you and we decide exactly what we want to achieve before this session.


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1-to-1 Hypnotherapy for Singers Coaching

Learn how to use Hypnotherapy techniques in your performances and in life. If you need a speedy solution to your performance anxiety struggles, if you're desperate to give the imposter syndrome the boot and you want a guide to help you live a free and fearless life as a performer, then get in touch with me! You can email me at [email protected] or feel free to book a quick call with me below  to discuss how we can get you performing like in your dreams as soon as possible!!. 

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Next cohort begins in April!
My online small group experiential course... 10 weeks of delving into all the important areas of mindset for a singer, dealing with performance anxiety, imposter syndrome, fear of judgement, how to prepare your mind for an audition, relearning to sing like you did as a child, learning how to give a great and true representation of yourself in auditions and performances.

This is a course only open to a small group of open-minded singers of all levels who want to be a part of a supportive but confidential community who want to learn, practise and use hypnotherapy for singers to change their lives. 

If this sounds like you, please sign up to receive some more details and answer a few questions to to make sure this is the right course for you. 


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The Real Me

Lots of singers tell me that they have struggled with their bodies all their lives and don't believe they see "The Real Me" when they look in the mirror. This pioneering new course mimics the effects of the weight reduction "wonder drug" semaglutide. A 6 session small group course. Click on the button to find out more details.

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Online Singing Community

Sign up my Singing membership group to have access to my self-paced vocal technique course The SInger's Toolkit, weekly online group singing lessons, monthly masterclasses, a Singers' Forum, Guest Speakers and much more.

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"After only four sessions I feel like I have learnt a thousand new things. I am finding what I would normally describe as chaotic thoughts and events much easier to overcome or process using the tools and suggestions Julie has given me. I look forward to every session as the next step on an important journey for me as a singer and a person." 

Scarlet Brett, Opera Singer 


Jeff Stewart, Opera Singer, Singing Teacher, Conductor, CEO Choral Holidays

“Having previously failed to get any benefit at all from hypnotherapy, I thought I’d give Julie a go as she is a trusted friend. I found Julie’s approach much more successful and I was able to easily achieve a useful hypnotic state, and the exercises showed immediate benefits in my practice and performance.” 


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