Using Hypnotherapy to Relieve Migraines

Oct 20, 2023

Yesterday I had a Migraine

It took me by surprise, a (not so) lovely surprise on waking up. 

My shoulder was really sore and that tell tale right sided headache that stings and throbs and is heavy and all consuming. 

It took me by surprise because I haven’t had a single migraine in over two weeks. I used to have daily migraines but I’ll come onto that soon.

Just over two weeks ago I had gallbladder surgery and every day since I’ve been headache free. 

I thought I was cured. 

But… surprise, surprise…

There it was yesterday. 

Before my operation, for about two months I had been totally medication free. I made a conscious decision not to take painkillers anymore as I was taking them daily and to learn how to manage my pain with hypnotherapy as so many of my clients now do. 

So, yesterday after feeling disappointed that my “cure” was not to be, I started setting my armoury of non-pharmaceutical tools into action again. 

When helping clients with pain management it’s important to understand their pain, the intensity, how it makes them feel and understand that pain really is subjective. 

Different tools work for different people but for me I need firstly to take myself to a place of calm. I realise I can start to panic when I have pain and tense up and that makes the pain feel worse and so on. 

Then I need to use the control room in my brain to turn down the pain gradually - it’s always there but I turn it down so I can’t be quite so affected by it. 

I use hypnotic anaesthesia and analgesia to soothe and then I carry on with my day. 

This bundle of tools works for me. There are many others but this is the combination that works best for me. The pain is there but it is managed and I can function without painkillers. 

Today the pain is gone. 

That’s the best feeling. A headache free day. The best thing about pain is that wonderful feeling when you realise it has gone. 

If you want to learn these and other tools for managing your own pain, for migraines or any other pain I am going to be running a short course in January showing you how. Get in touch to register interest and I’ll send you the details once they’re done. 


 Julie Bale Dip.Hyp | HPD | MNCH Reg. | MCNHC Reg. is a Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in Performance Anxiety, Weight Loss, Self-Esteem and Pain Management.



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