From Frustrated to Finally Free | The Real Me 4 Week Introductory Self-Paced Course

The MindTraining Weight Reset and Body Confidence Programme. This Special Self-Paced Programme designed to be done over  4 weeks helps you retrain your mind to create an appetite suppressant, control your appetite, eat less and lose weight.

What you'll get:

  • Weekly hypnotic "shots"
  • 4 MindTraining Weight Reduction/ Body Confidence Exercises 
  • Video/Audio Replays
  • A Small Facebook Community

What People Are Saying:

This programme is helping me lose weight my way, it's different to anything I've done before - and reset my eating and exercising, I can't wait to meet the me at the end of this programme!!

Sarah Brameld

£247.00 GBP


  •  I give my full consent to receiving online therapy sessions from Julie Bale.
  •  I understand that results vary from person to person, and the agreement by Julie Bale to work on the issues or problems presented in the course, using whatever model or models are appropriate to the situation, in no way implies or guarantees a ‘cure’ of the said issues or problems. 
  • I understand that hypnotherapy/mindset training is a collaborative process, and the degree of progress is dependent on my active participation and engagement in the process.  
  • I have watched and had success with the “hypnotisability exercises” on the page
  • I understand that there are no guarantees offered and that success depends on my active participation and motivation. 
  •  I understand I will need to complete tasks in between sessions. 
  • I understand that I am paying for the course and not for a guarantee of success.
  • I understand that Hypnotherapy, or any other therapy provided is not a replacement for medical treatment, psychological or psychiatric services or the appropriate counselling.  
  • I also understand that Julie Bale does not treat, prescribe for, or diagnose any medical or mental health condition. 
  • I declare that I have consulted with my General Practitioner and/or Hospital Consultant and gained the appropriate medical approval for working with this course.
  •  I understand that any recordings of sessions or hypnotherapy recordings either video or audio which are provided by Julie Bale are for my own personal use only and will not be shared, copied, sold to anyone else or uploaded onto any social media platform. 
  •  I  understand that completing the tasks given between sessions to the best of my ability will give me the next chance of success. 
  • I agree only to use the work for myself and not to use or permit to be used by any other person without the specific written permission of Julie Bale. 
  • At all times the intellectual property rights and copyright connected with these materials remain with Julie Bale
  • Should any claim be made at any time against Julie Bale by the Client, liability will always be limited to the value of the invoice issued by Julie Bale in respect of creating that specific item of work.
  •  The sessions will not commence without written confirmation of the client’s acceptance of these terms and payment and the completion of the pre-assessment form 
  • Your privacy and protection of your personal data is important to me. I will keep your personal data confidential and will not share it with unconnected third parties.