MindTraining For Musicians  

Courses for Singers to Discover how MindTraining and self-hypnosis can enhance your performances and lives. 

Discover how MindTraining can help YOU! 


  • Join an online 4 session short course and complete the sessions live or learn at your own pace

  • Have a one to one power session with Julie

  • Learn how mind re-training & self-hypnosis can lead you to a calmer more assured performance, free of performance anxiety and nerves 

  • Conquer your self-esteem, learn to be comfortable in your own skin

  • Learn how to deal with knock backs, criticism and judgement

  • Discover how to harness the control room of your mind 

  • Discover your superpowers and how they can lead you to unique and enhanced performances

Julie Bale is a registered Clinical Hypnotherapist & Performance Coach. She has studied singing and vocal pedagogy with the world renowned voice expert Janice Chapman for over 25 years. After transforming her own life with hypnotherapy, she now coaches musicians to harness the amazing power of their own minds to work for them negotiating the tricky path of life as a musician.  

Her programmes were created after working with over 100 singers discovering exactly what they needed to succeed in all aspects of life as a musician and life, and are also informed by her own experience.

To  discuss working with Julie  email [email protected]


Some of the Topics Covered in The Courses

  • Creating Calm Before a Performance or Nerve wracking Situation
  • Discovering your Unique Self
  • Self-Esteem
  • Dealing with Unwanted Negativity
  • Learning how to recreate your best performances
  • Helping you to be more assertive
  • Learning how to eradicate traumatic memories
  • How to future rehearse a perfect performance/stressful time
  • Deciding HOW you want to feel during a performance/stressful time


Work with Us Online

 Join our friendly and supportive group of musicians working together to create their optimum mindset with MindTraining skills 
  • Learn the core technical skills of how to use hypnosis in pre-recorded videos at your own pace
  • Have access to a library of audio tracks and videos covering all the major areas of performance anxiety, self-esteem, changing mindset, confidence, discovering your superpowers and so many more
  • Be a part of a supportive and uplifting community
  • Practise exercises with me in regular online group lessons and masterclasses 

What Singers are saying...

“Julie is an astonishing force of nature. Her ability to recognise how to help a singer and affect change almost instantaneously is just awesome”


“I never miss a moment of Julie's classes, there is so much to learn and it's so inspiring to watch her at work”


"I know that every session I am going to come away feeling great about my singing. Julie's knowledge of the voice and hypnosis and how to help a singer is unsurpassed”